Who organizes Crazy4Crafts?  Crazy4Crafts shows are organized by a small group of seasoned artisans and crafters.  Combined they offer over 30 years of experience selling their wares at craft sales around the city of Calgary. As Crafters themselves they have participated in many outstanding and worthless shows, and know what makes a show successful to both vendors and customers alike.

How many years has Crazy4Crafts been organizing shows?  Since 2008! We currently organize the annual shows at Chestermere and Bearspawat RockPointe Church

How do you advertise?  Bright or Bold signs along major roads around the Church or community centers, Neon bold Sandwich Boards on the sale day (City of Calgary bylaw prohibits sandwich Boards to be up before the morning of the event), Community Papers, Facebook Ads, Newspaper ads, Extensive Online advertising (including Kijiji and Facebook). If you have an advertising idea for us, send it our way so we can look into it.

We firmly believe that it’s not all up to us, each vendor also needs to do their part: invite family, friends, do word of mouth advertising, handouts at previous shows you attend, post on “your” facebook page, invite friends via "our" facebook page event, put up posters up in your area (which we will provide). We do extensive vendor features on social media. We also expect all vendors to help us advertise themselves and the sales they are participating in using their vendor feature.   We promise to do our very best to get the word out and feel that working together we can make all of our shows successful for everyone.

Do you utilize Social Media 

Absolutely, we advertise our events and use social media extensively to promote all our Artisans.  Our Facebook page can be found at: www.facebook.com/Crazy4CraftsCalgary    We encourage you to share our events on your own time line and invite your friends to our Facebook event.            Twitter @Crazy4CraftsYYC      Instagram @Crazy4CraftsCalgary       Hashtag #Crazy4CraftsCalgary

Are there bank machines at your locations?  

At both our events we make all attempts to rent a bank machine on site during the event.   Many vendors use a mobile payment method such as SQUARE to accept Debit Tap and credit card payments.

Do you jury your craft sales?   Yes... Crazy4Crafts reserves the right to refuse or put vendors on a waiting list if their craft category is full, identical or similar to another craft or if their craft is inappropriate for a particular sale. Jewelry, Fibre Arts, Sewing, wood working spots fill up fast.   A good tip when applying is providing us with great photos that we can use to promote you on our social media channels.   We do extensive social media advertising, so you won't be promoted by us if we don't have good quality photos of your product.   Another tip for success with the Jury is to provide your Social Media handles so that we can see if you use Social media to promote both your product and the events you happen to be selling at.   No Photos / No Social Media, unfortunately we may choose another vendor if your products happen to fall in a popular category where multiple similar vendors have applied.  That said if your product is unique and we have not had other vendors apply who sell similar items but do not have social media your application will NOT be rejected, Social Media is merely one area of criteria the Jury considers. 

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If you are just signing up, click on the image to the right and begin the sign up process.   If you do you'll get free processing on your first $1000 of sales you achieve.

Vendor FAQ's

Applications for 2019 are now closed! 

We will be notifying all vendors who have applied of the Jury results by July 13th

Our inbox can get quite full, so please stay tuned to the website, facebook or instagram for the application dates, which will be posted prior to being emailed out. 

Due to the number of applicants, and the desire to have a well balanced variety of quality crafts, we reserve the right to limit certain types of crafts (such as jewellery & knitting/crocheting), place applicants on a wait list in full categories, or refuse vendors that do not meet the requirements for a Crazy4Crafts sale. 

NOTE: Please do not contact Chestermere Rec Centre or RockPointe Church regarding vendor applications. These venues graciously host Crazy4Crafts but are not involved with the organization of the sales that we put on. 

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